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  • The Newsletter

    A different topic every month. Clear and concise reporting that draws from research and clinical practice.

  • The Clinical Suite

    A detailed scoring guide, extensive tool libraries, and a neurodynamic primer, plus bonus material.

  • The Workbench

    Get access to the complete library of client resources - covering assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.

Be a Better Therapist Newsletter

A different topic every month

Challenge your assumptions with the help of Key Fact sheets that offer plain language summaries of relevant research, Deep Dive white papers that dig further in, Tips and Tactics handouts to share with clients, along with Practice Journal and Lived Experience essays that draw from my life as a therapist and fellow human being.
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The Clinical Suite

Put Myndplan's free scan results to work in your practice

Do you value a client-centred approach that includes shared decision-making at every step? To help you achieve this, I’ve created reference manuals to walk you through how Myndplan's user-friendly scans are structured and scored and explain the research underlying them. I’ve also gathered all our key client tools into compendiums to make it quick and easy to find them. Finally, I provide some pretty cool 3D resources to liven up your discussions with clients and presentations to groups. It’s all designed to help you be a better therapist. Plus, you can test drive it for free!
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The Workbench

Get access to the entire client courseware experience - and the first month is free!

If your clients are using Myndplan for more than the scans, they can tap into dozens of stand-alone courses on mental health assessment and treatment. This bundle gives you convenient access to all of this courseware, allowing you to experience how the Diagnostic, Neurodynamic, and Program Tools from the Clinical Suite function in the context of a client-centred, shared decision-making approach to assessment and treatment.
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Dr. Robert Shepherd

The mind behind Myndplan

I spent my career working in under-serviced communities where resources were scarce. Because I was the only registered psychologist in the area, I needed to develop an eclectic approach that included aspects of behavioural medicine, forensic psychology, neuropsychology, rehabilitation psychology, and clinical psychology (primarily humanistic and cbt). My colleagues have been mostly social workers, case managers, marriage and family therapists, crisis intervention counsellors, and physicians. Along with lots of face-to-face individual and group therapy, I provided formal assessments, medico-legal assessments, forensic assessments, and clinical supervision. Through it all I was first and foremost a devoted dad and worked alongside my spouse, a talented family doctor. Once upon a time, in a galaxy far away, I was also a Zen practitioner - though I am more mindless than mindful. The influence of all this is thoroughly mixed into all the pieces that make up Myndplan.