Discovery Pack

Take your Myndplan scan results to the next level. Learn how to interpret the terms and data that make up your profile, and how this relates to a neurodynamic approach to understanding your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Then follow your leads with the help of our comprehensive diagnostic e-Guide library.

Treatment Toolkit

This bundle gives you access to our growing library of research-based treatment programs, allowing you to choose which ones to use based on your own unique needs. Each is delivered using a weekly lesson schedule that includes tip sheets, handouts, and worksheets to help you learn and practice new skills.

Complete System

Get everything + bonus features

Includes the Discovery Pack & Treatment Toolkit, plus automated mood monitoring and membership in forums moderated by Dr. Shepherd, the founder of Myndplan. Built to support the essential tasks that go with both self-directed and therapist guided treatment.

View the story

Myndplan helps you build a detailed symptom profile, then provides interesting and informative courses so that you can interpret your results and act on your discoveries. Use these tools to support your self help efforts or to complement your work with a therapist. Need some extra guidance? You can also schedule a session with Dr. Shepherd. It's all about finding the balance in life that you've always craved. Who knows what you might be capable of achieving?

It takes a team to make it work

...and we're still adding features!

Robert Shepherd, Ph.D.


Dr. Shepherd is the Founder of Myndplan. He has over 30 years of front line experience as a clinical psychologist. Dr. Shepherd began working on Myndplan early in his career and uses it every day in his practice.

Willem Shepherd, B.Des.

Lead UX Designer

Myndplan Co-Founder and Lead UX Designer, Willem has extensive experience designing and building online platforms that simplify and enhance user experience. He's created our client-centred path that walks users through the steps from intake to completion.

Nathaniel Kitzke

Head Engineer/Developer

Nathaniel has helped build the most recent Myndplan platform from the bottom up. He brings a skill set that include optomechanics design, simulations & mechanical systems engineering, and software engineering and development.

Rod Martin, Ph.D.

Senior Research Lead

Dr. Martin is our senior research lead. He is an expert when it comes to research design and data analytic methods. Over his distinguished career Dr. Martin has published over 150 academic papers.

Milica Gavric


Milica has a experience with Oracle SQL and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) that complements her graphic design chops. She handles both ends of our app and web products, ensuring that clients have a smooth ride.

Carolin Shepherd


With over 30 years of family practice and emergency medicine experience, Dr. Shepherd is invaluable as Myndplan's medical advisor.