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I'm Dr. Robert Shepherd, and I spent my career helping people in my role as a clinical psychologist. During that time I built a confidential, research-based learning system to support my clients' change efforts. Myndplan's testing, diagnostic, and treatment tools were created to enhance the therapy process in a way that's both useful and affordable. Now you can use these tools with any therapist - it's my way of giving back to all the clients who trusted me to walk them through difficult times, and who taught me to be a better therapist.

It begins with the Myndplan scans

Get started on the journey

The Myndplan assessment is free, easy to complete, and confidential. Use your scan results to help identify strengths and weaknesses so that you can spot where change is needed. Work on your own or with the guidance of your doctor or therapist. It's a system that encourages shared decision-making and puts you in the driver's seat on the path to real change.
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Discovery Pack

Take your Myndplan scan results to the next level with this helpful bundle of courses. You'll learn how to interpret your scan results, then explore how to use this information with the help of a comprehensive e-Guide library. Learn how research-validated screening tests are used and interpreted, what goes into a diagnosis, possible causes of your symptoms, and what your best treatment options are.
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Treatment Toolkit

Get access to Myndplan's growing library of research-based treatment programs. Each is delivered using a weekly lesson schedule that includes tip sheets, handouts, and worksheets. Mix and match to suit your needs. A great resource to help you understand how therapy works and to ensure that your own plan contains the ingredients for success!
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Complete System

Get everything in the Discovery Pack & Treatment Toolkit, PLUS symptom monitoring tools that are automated to make tracking your progress simple and effective. this combination is best for people who want to commit fully to therapy, whether it's self-directed or with the guidance of an experienced therapist.
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